Automate, Accelerate & Grow

I help businesses increase pipeline, shorten their sales cycle & close more deals without hiring more salespeople.


The #1 Reason:

Complexity is the Enemy of Execution

Most organizations sink a huge amount of money & time into training their sales staff on the art of selling, yet very few focus on the science.

I help salespeople and teams learn the most valuable new skill: Digital Literacy 

Every Every Aspect Of Your Business Is Going to Change

Starting with your sales team...

Imagine an economy without friction - a new business model in which labor, information, sales, and money move easily, cheaply, and almost instantly. Psst - it's already here. 

Is your company ready?

Technology is disrupting industries, evolving processes & changing the way we do businesses...

Duh! You Already Knew That

So why have so few sales teams & organizations integrated digital technology & strategy into their sales cycle? 

What is it you do, Ray?

I help sales-driven companies from startups to Fortune 1000 build, implement and scale the data driven sales and marketing process into their organizations in a fraction of the time & budget it would take to do internally.

Fractional CRO + Sales Gun for Hire

Your team has perfected the art of the deal, I help leverage data & science to automate & accelerate your sales cycle.

I have assembled a team of worldwide experts and implementation specialists who take my guidance and strategy to build, execute and manage complex digital growth strategies.  

Ray, How the heck do you do it?

This is just a small sampling of our software partners (150+)

Boost Productivity & Output

with an optimized Sales | Marketing Stack 

I am expert in building tech stacks that will help boost ROI, lead flow, and staff productivity.  Through our software partnerships we can match your business to the most optimal combo of web apps and utilities while ensuring quick staff adoption.

Technology: Marketing & Sales Stacks

Crush Your Next Quota

with Sales & Growth Hacking

Shorten Your Cycle with 

Sales Acceleration Strategies

Flood Your Funnel with 

Automated Demand Generation

Strategy: Quant Selling & Marketing

Rapidly Increase ROI

with Quant Marketing & Analytics

I help you monitor, adapt and increase ROI by tracking the entire lifecycle of you sales & marketing campaigns. The data will allow us to make more confident decisions on budget outlay for future campaigns, product launches & new hires.  

I help you sequence your entire sales cycle to find the optimal combination of technology & strategy to boost productivity, shorten deal cycles and improve closing ratios without disrupting your team's day.

Over the years I have researched, tested, sequenced and benchmarked a playbook of sales and growth hacks. By leveraging automation, AI, and big data I can transform your average producers into a highly trained group of digital rainmakers.

Increase pipeline with our automated account-based marketing platform. We leverage hyper-targeted sales intelligence to create outbound campaigns that feel handwritten across multiple media types


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